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Baseball and softball training has evolved into a highly specific and scientifically driven endeavor. Today’s baseball and softball athletes require not only physical skills but also the ability to utilize visual processing, such as depth judgment and tracking the speed/flight of the ball, along with coordination of core stabilizer muscles. Consequently, each athlete should focus on enhancing their neurological receptors, improving balance, core strength and stability, and developing fluid movement literacy. These efforts enable athletes to cultivate elite habits.

A common misconception about ‘sport-specific training’ is that it should exclusively mirror the movements of the sport from the outset. However, as athletes grow and mature, emphasizing movement-based training becomes paramount for ensuring correct athletic development. While ‘sport-specific’ training will certainly become part of the regimen, it’s essential for each athlete to develop their own physical literacy.

The most effective method for becoming a better baseball player isn’t solely by playing more baseball; it’s by enhancing overall athleticism. Throw farther, swing faster, and prepare to excel on the diamond with Fury Performance. Whether you’re aiming for a spot on the All-Star team, transitioning from the minors to the majors, or working your way up in Little League, Fury Performance can help you achieve your goals. Our unique programs, led by certified coaches and supported by an elite curriculum, empower baseball players to become faster, stronger, and more explosive. The result? Superstar performances from any position on the field.

Fury Performance Baseball/Softball Specific Training is designed to help you:

Lightning Speed

The difference between good and great on the diamond? Speed. Proper movement techniques determine whether you make the play in the field or beat out the throw. Fury Performance training blends proper movement technique with agility exercises to improve both coordination and speed.

Develop Power at the Plate

Nothing makes a hitter more dangerous than the ability to hit the ball with power. We’ll help you develop the rotational power, the maximal strength, and the explosiveness to drive the baseball harder and farther than you ever have before.

Gain Balance and Agility

Whether you’re a shortstop making a play in the hole or stretching it out as a first baseman, playing at the top of your game demands agility. At Fury Performance, our certified coaches improve the way you move with protocols that increase foot quickness and balance. This leads to increased range of motion for stronger, more precise throws.


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