Paige Ellis

Born and raised in Woodstock, GA, my athletic career started in High School, where I played Varsity Basketball & Volleyball. As a Volleyball Performance Coach, one of my biggest enjoyments is seeing my female athletes improve their skills while having fun. As the co-owner of Fury, I pride myself in enhancing the guest experience of anyone that visits our facility



Woodstock, GA



Why are you passionate about coaching?

I love being able help take athletes game to the next level by teaching them what I know best and getting them on the right path in their athletic career to achieve their dreams and goals. Being able to see their confidence go up on and off the court is what drives me most to be the best coach and instructor I can be.

Which sports have you played competitively?

HS Volleyball (4yrs Varsity)

Basketball (4 yrs Varsity)

Personal Hobbies?

When I’m not at Fury, I’m usually doing something that involves Fury! All joking aside, my hobbies include pampering my ‘lil buddy Jocko! 

Coaching Motivation?

“Seeing girls smile and enjoy the training while progressing their game at the same time.”

Areas of Focus

  • Volleyball